How to Break Psychotic Hallucination | Living with Borderline PD

“Emotional trauma in childhood was significantly related to auditory* hallucinations.

Psychotic symptoms, especially hallucinations, seem to be an important feature of BPD. More research on potential mediators and adequate treatment approaches for psychotic symptoms in BPD is needed.[Source]

Psychotic symptom,

Moments ago:

I was the Antichrist.

I’m taking it as a sign,


Borderline’s mad at me.

It only lasted a minute or two —

A pretty pathetic delusion, really.

I’m the Antichrist?

Really? That’s the best you got?

Pretty sure this would’ve come up prior,

Prior to the night before I reveal what you are.

Your 20 years plan — up in smoke!

We’re in the final hours here,

Seems pretty desperate if you ask me.

Perhaps Borderline doesn’t like being called out…

Usually you have much better than that,

In your evil, twisted, existence.

I know you do.

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