Is Buddhism Right for You? | Beginner’s Guide to Buddhism

Disclaimer: My goal is not to convince you of anything you do not already know deep inside your soul. My “Buddhism for Dummies” series is meant to shed light on Buddhist beliefs in an easy-to-understand way. You can decide for yourself if it rings true to you.

Do you believe in Buddhism? Have been taught about it from a Buddhist monk and/or nun? Or has your version of Buddhism been through a bastardized Western lens? What I like to call, “viewing Buddha with rose-colored glasses.” This isn’t meant to be insulting, it’s just so happens that Buddha’s teachings were historically greatly misunderstood when they were first introduced to the Western world. It’s been an uphill battle ever since.

GOOD NEWS: There’s no reason to continue being misinformed. Buddhism, like all organized religions, has specific beliefs and steps to become an actual practicing Buddhist. You can believe in parts of Buddhism or even call yourself a Buddhist if you’d like, but to experience the full benefits and actually be a “practicing Buddhist,” you must follow the specific teachings.

Check out a combination of my steps and the ones my Buddhist teachers have taught me about pondering if Buddhism is your truth. . .

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