Useful Terms to Know

These are not exact definitions, they are meant to provide a general understanding.

Sense of Self: A normal childhood development stage around 7-9 years old. A child fully recognizes themselves as a whole identity, separate from their family and other influences. If a significant trauma occurs before the sense of self ages, the child is much more likely to develop certain mental disorders.

Poetry Therapy: A type of expressive therapy that involves the therapeutic use of poems, narratives, and other written media to promote healing.

PTSD Poetry: A form of therapeutic writing that is done immediately following a post-traumatic stress flashback and discuss the trauma either in metaphorical or literal terms.

Personality Disorder Coping Poetry: My made-up term for the publishable version of therapeutic poetry I write about living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Internalized Homophobia: A term for when a homosexual person experiencing forms of self-hatred, shame, fear, anxiety, and depression. Internalized homophobia has several known psychological causes, one of which is a “long-term effect of homophobia-related trauma.”

Practicing Buddhist: A person who not only believes in Buddhism, but is actively following the Eight Fold Path and other teachings

Buddhism for Dummies: My light-hearted term for those who only have a Western working understanding of Buddhism, which is riddled with misunderstandings. The “Buddhism for Dummies” series is my attempt to explain Buddhist concepts to a Christian-background audience in a simple, but truthful, way.

Sapphic: A woman who feels sexual and romantic attraction towards women.

Lesbian: A woman who feels sexual and romantic attraction exclusively towards women.

Lesbian Poetry: Any poems about passion, love, and romance exclusively between women.

Sapphic Santra: Specific poetry style named after Sappho of Lesbos. This poetic form spans four lines in the following format (– = short syllable, ∪ = long syllable, and x = free syllable):

– ∪ – x – ∪ ∪ – ∪ – –

– ∪ – x – ∪ ∪ – ∪ – –

– ∪ – x – ∪ ∪ – ∪ – –

– ∪ ∪ – –