Power of Friendship Poem | Farewell Oregon

My friendships made me feel love,

When I didn’t allow romance.

My friendships kept me warm,

When all I could feel was cold.

Without real friendship,

Without platonic love,

I wouldn’t be alive.

No attraction. 

No romance.

All emotion.

We choose to love each other.

Without a primal sex urge,

Without a possible marriage, 

Or even a parent to offspring.

We decide:

“You’re my friend.

I’ll love you,

Be with you,

Stand by you,

No matter what.

You’re worth it.”

I found that in Oregon,

Over and over again.

Oregon, USA

Split between:

Portland & Eugene

Both cities needed,

Each various reasons.

Very different friends,

All intrinsically needed.

I can only hope,

I helped any of you,

Even slightly the way,

You all helped me.

As I say farewell to Oregon,

I will never say goodbye.

Because in Oregon,

I have loved ones to return to.

No matter where else I go.

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