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Time’s Up

Over stimulating keeps you running, Free time congregates over-thinking. You would rather drag the deadweight, Than exist part of the moment. Even when running on empty, Where there’s nothing left to carry.

We’re All Mad Here

No one answers the question: How are humans supposed to feel? Begging the follow-up inquiry: Do all mental states possess illness(es)?

When Borderline Meets a Narcissist

Her memory takes hold, When I never held her. Magnetism drew us together, Palpable at first encounter. Our obstructive accompaniment, Could never survive either’s journey. Objectively knowing? Does nothing for the heart.

Medicated | Living with Bipolar 2

Wonder if I truly need them, Ponder what changes due to them, Fonder each day passes without them, Absconder each night staring at them.

I’m Crazy, Not Stupid | Living with BPD

If only I would’ve been stupid, It would’ve been unable to hide. If therapists could’ve read my mind, The diagnosis would’ve been easy. Those 10 years of decay, My symptoms were right there. . .

Content | Living with Bipolar Disorder

[Author’s Note: This is the first time in 10 years I haven’t been in a depressive (or 5% of the time manic) episode.] I forgot how this feels: Content The absence of external stimuli, Coupled with a lack of internal. And yet?

B is for Business | Cluster B Personality Disorders

Borderline is part of “Cluster B” personality disorders, affectionately known as the “Dominant” or “Control” cluster. This is a short write-up, but does not take my typical poetry format. Instead, think of it as a quick and dirty guide to Cluster Bs in the business world. . .

The 5th Time I Was Misdiagnosed | Living with BPD

When it happens 5 times, You’re pretty sure it’s reality. You must just be evil. . . [Disclaimer: This poem DOES NOT mean you shouldn’t go to therapy! In fact, EVERYONE should go to therapy! However, misdiagnosis do happen, and are common for personality disorders. If you are a therapist, please read this poem in…

Apology Poem for F* & T* | BPD Early Signs: Toxic Friendship

I was not a kind friend to you, I should have been. I did like both of you, I just liked the games more. [Disclaimer: This poem is written about how I acted as at 5-10 years old. This poem contains descriptions of early stages of Borderline PD.]

What Could a Young Lesbian Do? | Homophobia Poem

What could I do? What could I say? Tell them we had feelings? We felt the same pain? [Warning: Poetic descriptions of violent homophobia and use of two homophobic slurs.]